How To Deal With Chronic Back Pain?

Chronic back pain is back pain that lasts for a period of three months or longer. It is a leading cause of disability worldwide and one of the most common sources of people either seeking medical treatment or missing time at work. Although oftentimes backpain is the result of an underlying injury or surgery, chronic back pain will persist even after the original injury has healed. Dealing with persistent back pain is more about identifying what causes the pain and relieving it rather than curing the underlying condition. 


The symptoms of chronic back pain are pretty straight-forward. Most commonly reported is muscle pain or shooting, burning sensations. This pain may also radiate down your leg or worsen with twisting or turning. Other symptoms include the following:


There are plenty of injuries or conditions that can cause back pain, but acute pain will heal on its own with time. If your pain features any of the following characteristics, you may actually be suffering from chronic pain:

Conditions sometimes linked to chronic back pain also include the following:

Risk Factors

chronic back pain

How To Deal With Chronic Back Pain

Lifestyle Changes

The human body tenses up when it’s in pain. To try to avert this, take deep breaths and visualize your breath reaching the part of your body in pain. You may also find success with other stress management techniques like yoga or meditation.
Pain can make a person retreat and withdraw socially. If you spend all your time in your comfort zone, there’s no room for growth or getting better. Although it sounds counter-productive, getting out of your comfort zone for a time and confronting your symptoms may actually help you find relief for a time.
Managing chronic pain is also about setting realistic expectations. You don’t have to climb mountains or forever abandon your comfort zones, but any progress is good progress and you should congratulate yourself when you can.


Seeking treatment is often the first and most important step on the road to recovery. There should be no shame in trying to find treatment for any health condition, whether it’s a mental or physical condition. In fact, the field of chronic pain treatment is currently undergoing many advancements thanks to innovative new treatments like ketamine infusion therapy that promise exciting results for those suffering from chronic pain.

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