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As COVID-19 has continued its march through our community, individuals who contracted COVID-19 are experiencing lasting fatigue that is inhibiting their day-to-day life. Outpatient clinics have noticed more and more patients experiencing headaches, fatigue, and overall delayed recovery from COVID. This has coined the term post COVID syndrome or post COVID fatigue. 


Post COVID syndrome or post COVID fatigue can seem nearly as debilitating as the acute symptoms of the illness. However, studies have shown that IV infusions can significantly reduce this fatigue and has helped many resume their normal daily activities.


We have created a COVID Recovery IV infusion made specially to help those who have had COVID-19 make a full and speedy recovery. 


Contains: Vitamin C  |  B-Complex |  Vitamin B12 | Vitamin D | Magnesium | Zinc


Read about one patients experience with COVID recovery here. 

Other Benefits of COVID Recovery IV Infusion

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