If you suffer from occasional bouts of anxiety and don’t want to see a therapist or take medication, there are many natural remedies that may do the trick. Most of these are common sense. The key to soothing your anxiety symptoms is finding a remedy that works and sticking with it for
the long haul. Here’s what you can try.

Stay active

Regular exercise boosts your emotional and physical health. A regular routine works as good as medication to relieve anxiety in some people. And it’s not merely a short-term fix; you can derive anxiety relief for hours
following a workout.

Lay off the booze

Alcohol is a pure sedative. Consuming a finger of whiskey or a glass of wine if your nerves are shot could provide temporary relief. Once the buzz subsides, the anxiety can return. If you depend on alcohol to ease anxiety rather than treating the cause of the problem, you can develop alcohol dependence.

Quit the nicotine habit

The first thing a smoker does when he’s stressed is to grab a cigarette or a pinch of tobacco. But it’s just as bad as alcohol because the relief from a quick hit quickly fades and may even worsen anxiety in the long run. Research has proven that the sooner you begin smoking in life, the greater your risk of coming down with an anxiety disorder in the years ahead. Studies also hint that cigarette smoke, filled with chemicals and nicotine, can change pathways in your brain related to anxiety.

You really don’t need the caffeine

For someone with chronic anxiety, caffeine is a near-constant companion. Soda, coffee, and other caffeine-infused beverages can result in nervousness and jitters, both of which can exacerbate your anxiety. Studies have shown caffeine might cause or aggravate anxiety disorders. Caffeine can also lead to panic attacks if you suffer from panic disorder. In some people, ditching caffeine can significantly reduce anxiety symptoms.

Try and get some sleep

This should go without saying, but your mind and body need sleep to rejuvenate. The average adult requires about eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Try and develop good sleeping habits by going to bed at the same time, wind down before trying to sleep, and don’t consume caffeinated beverages within 30 minutes of bedtime.

Meditation never hurt anyone

A chief goal of meditation is to purge chaotic thoughts from our minds and swap them for a feeling of calm and mindfulness of what’s happening right now. Meditation is proven to relieve stress and anxiety. Researchers at Johns Hopkins recommend 30 minutes of meditation each day as a way to act as an antidepressant and relieve some anxiety symptoms.

Develop healthy eating habits

Low blood sugar, dehydration, or chemicals lurking in processed foods (think artificial flavorings, artificial colorings, and preservatives) can lead to mood fluctuations in some people. Drink water, remove processed foods from the menu, and eat fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy foods abundant in complex carbohydrates.

Breathe deeply

Deep breathing exercises — the intentional process of taking even, slow, deep breaths — can help rebuild regular breathing patterns and lower anxiety.

Aromatherapy may help

Aromatherapy utilizes fragrant essential oils as a way to foster health and well-being. The oils can be put into a warm bath or diffuser or inhaled directly. They may help you relax, sleep, improve your moods, and lower your heart rate.

How about Chamomile tea?

In 2009 researchers discovered that chamomile can also be a formidable ally in the battle with a generalized anxiety disorder.

If you suffer from anxiety, try these natural remedies first, or call your doctor about other treatment options. Your symptoms might make you a candidate for psychotherapy or treatments like ketamine infusion therapy.

If you or a loved one are dealing with the symptoms of anxiety and nothing else seems to work we can help. Contact us today to learn more about the clinical use of ketamine to help treat the symptoms of anxiety.

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