What to Expect


The day of your consult you can expect to be greeted by a member of our clinical staff or one of our providers in a warm and inviting office. One of our providers will sit down with you and review your medical history, conduct a short physical examination, and then discuss options which may be available to you for Ketamine infusions. If possible, you may be able to receive your first infusion that day, otherwise they will schedule your first infusion prior to you leaving.


Our infusion rooms are in a private setting. Each has a comfortable recliner for your comfort. Prior to your infusion, your provider will obtain and IV in one of your hands or arms. They will have you fill out a short assessment prior to beginning your infusion. They will also hook you up to a cardiac monitor, blood pressure machine, and oxygen monitor for continuous monitoring. They will monitor your vital signs every 15 min, or more, during your infusion.


Once you have completed your infusion, it usually takes 15 to 30 minutes to recover. You will then be able to go home with a responsible adult.

what to expect
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