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Covid recovery iv infusion

As COVID-19 has continued its march through our community, individuals who contracted COVID-19 are experiencing lasting fatigue that is inhibiting their day-to-day life. Outpatient clinics have noticed more and more patients experiencing headaches, fatigue, and overall delayed recovery from COVID. This has coined the term post COVID syndrome or post COVID fatigue.

Post COVID syndrome or post COVID fatigue can seem nearly as debilitating as the acute symptoms of the illness. However, studies have shown that IV infusions can significantly reduce this fatigue and has helped many resume their normal daily activities.

We have created a COVID Recovery IV infusion made specially to help those who have had COVID-19 make a full and speedy recovery.

Covid recovery iv infusion

Ingredients: Vitamin C | B-Complex | Vitamin B12 | Vitamin D | Zinc

Other Benefits of Vitality IV Infusion


Available in IM or IV, B-Complex vitamins are building blocks for healthy body function, and have a direct impact on brain function, energy levels, and cell metabolism. B-Complex also aids in the prevention of infection and promotes or supports the following:

   – good digestion
   – growth of red blood cells
   – cell health
   – energy levels
   – healthy brain function
   – hormone production
   – muscle tone
   – cardiovascular health
   – healthy appetite
   – proper nerve function
   – cholesterol production

Available in IM or IV, Biotin (aka B7) supports your bodies ability to break down food into energy and supports your nervous system, liver, eyes, hair, and skin. Biotin also supports the following:

   – nutrient distribution
   – regulate blood sugar
   – brain function
   – hair health & appearance
   – skin health & appearance
   – nail strength & growth

Amino proteins are three of the nine essential amino acids that your body does not produce. These BCAAs are proven to support many aspects of muscle health. Amino proteins support the following:

   – muscle growth
   – decreased muscle soreness
   – reduced exercise fatigue
   – mental focus during exercise
   – muscle wasting prevention
   – liver health

Glutathione has been said to be the body’s strongest antioxidant because it’s really good at detoxifying your body. Glutathione supports the following:

   – reduce oxidative stress
   – lowering inflammation
   – anti-aging
   – mental health
   – autism & ADHD
   – protecting the brain
   – fighting of infection
   – heart health
   – type 2 diabetes
   – kidney health
   – liver health
   – addiction recovery
   – reduction in asthma symptoms
   – sleep quality
   – skin health
   – eye health
   – pregnancy health

Available in IM or IV, B12 is essential in the development of red blood cells, cell metabolism, nerve function, and DNA production. B12 supports the following:

– energy
– muscle fatigue
– digestive health
– nerve health & function
– mood
– red blood cell production
– cell metabolism
– DNA production

Available as an IM, Lipo Plus contains fat-burning antioxidants and vitamins to support weight loss. Lipo Plus supports the following:

– red blood cell production
– breaking down of sugars & carbohydrates
– energy production
– nerve health
– immune system
– increased metabolism
– reduce recovery time
– muscle growth

Available as an IM, Vitamin D is vital for bone health and calcium absorption, both of which combat osteoporosis. Vitamin D also supports the following:

– lowering blood pressure
– teeth health
– promoting bone health
– nerve health
– immune system
– brain health
– regulation of insulin
– lung function
– cardiovascular health
– healthy pregnancy

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