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Depression affects more then 350 million people worldwide every year according to World Health Organization (WHO). At its worst, depression can completely throw ones life off track. Here at Tri-Cities Infusion And Wellness Clinic in Kennewick, WA, we have made it our mission to help our clients find peace of mind and substance in life.

If you have tried other treatments and therapies that have provided little to no relief, then you might be a good candidate for ketamine infusion therapy, a new treatment option for those battling treatment-resistant depression symptoms.

Ketamine Brings New Hope

Recent studies show that ketamine is a fast and effective treatment for depression.

Many patients report an improvement after receiving their very first ketamine infusion with better then 70% reporting a positive response to the treatment.

What Are The Symptoms of Depression?

Prolonged or intense periods of sadness are the most common symptoms that people experience. During these periods, a person may also lose interest in their normal activities. While some people may experience intense sadness that involves crying, others may just have a low level of dissatisfaction with life.

As the condition continues, people tend to begin to isolate themselves from others. They may also stop taking care of their personal hygiene, and/or stop keeping their home in a clean and orderly fashion.

How Does Ketamine Help With Depression?

Scientists believe that ketamine infusions help depression symptoms by rapidly boosting the activity of glutamate, a neurotransmitter inside the brain’s frontal cortex, while also allowing new pathways to form in the same area.

The rapid onset of ketamine’s antidepressant effect occurs because ketamine bypasses the conventional serotonin path, instead switching on glutamate.

This is remarkably different from conventional antidepressants, which initially boost serotonin activity levels in several different areas of the brain to then ultimately affect glutamate. This process can take weeks or even months, while ketamine infusions can provide rapid relief from depression symptoms.

What Are The Side Effects of Ketamine Treatment?

As a new treatment option for depression, ketamine does have a few minor side effects. These can include a dream-like feeling, disrupted vision, lightheadedness, nausea, or some slight anxious feelings after treatment.

Ketamine is an FDA-approved medication utilized in “off-label” use for infusion therapy. Off-label use indicates that it is a treatment that the FDA did not initially authorize. The FDA approves prescription medications only for specific uses, but most medications at some point develop off-label uses as a result of the clinical experience that develops with time.

As a good example, the FDA authorized the medication Prazosin to treat hypertension in 1976, but it is now mainly used for the treatment of nightmares in individuals with PTSD, a use that was not at first approved.

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